TRAVELS | September 12, 2014

A Sea of colors: pike place market

Exploring the local offerings

Carrie, Founder & Chief Wanderer

The Pike Place Market is an icon of Seattle; I can guarantee you will see it in practically every movie or TV show that takes place in Seattle. Think: Frasier, MTV’s The Real World, Sleepless in Seattle and Free Willy. While most recognize the Market for its unique entertainment value, less realize that it is also doing a lot to help promote sustainable farming and fishing.

The infamous fish-throwing Pike Place Fish Market follows the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch guidelines. The guidelines help consumers identify seafood that was sustainably caught and lists the best seafood choices and those to avoid for environmental reasons. The Fish Market sources 100% of their seafood via these guidelines which also helps promote and educate about sustainable seafood practices to the thousands of customers and visitors each year. The Fish Market feels they have accomplished their goal of becoming world famous and have announced on their website that they have a new vision: “World Peace, an idea whose time has come.” I am not sure what that entails exactly, and I don’t think they do either, but hey, you can’t argue with World Peace.

The Market has also partnered with City of Seattle and King County to promote sustainable farming. The three bodies worked together to identify recommendations on how to preserve farmland for future generations, increase market distribution for small and medium sized farms and encourage sustainable farming methods. The working

group hopes with these recommendations local farming can grow while making strategic investing for environmental sustainability. I love it! In addition to Pike Place encouraging local farming, which has a lower carbon footprint, you can also pick up those local goodies at the Market. Local farms sell their goods all year round and in the summer, there are tents outside on the street for farmers to sell their produce, which is brought in the same day. Talk about some fresh and delicious produce!

While I was there, I couldn’t stop smiling and taking pictures of the vibrant local produce and flowers. I am also a sucker for fresh peaches; I couldn’t resist buying a few before we had to leave Seattle.

Until next time Pike Place! (posted sept 12 2014)